style notes   //   August 6, 2013


jillian bremerYou all know how much I love vintage jewelry – and as much as I love hunting for it at stores around town (I should probably post a good list on those), it’s always a pleasure when I can do it from my living room couch. Thanks to Jillian Bremer’s  Sweet & Spark, I can do just that. Bremer co-founded the site with her dad (how cute is that?), and they work together to create a collection of timeless jewels. One of the best parts is that everything on the site is very budget-friendly (like these earrings) so you can checkout with more than just one item in your cart. What I love is that you know you’re getting something unique, something that you’re not going to see on everyone else. I was curious to learn more about the girl behind Sweet & Spark and I thought you might be, too.

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