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bailey mccarthy via luella & juneStyle Notes is back (with a new look, too). And this time it’s here to stay. I promise. I’m not going to be a flake about this series anymore. I received several comments from you guys last week saying that it’s a post you all enjoy. So here it is.

I actually can’t believe I haven’t included Bailey in a Style Notes feature yet. (What took me so long?) For the unacquainted, Bailey McCarthy is an interior designer and the owner of Biscuit Home. She’s also the blogger behind Peppermint Bliss. Not to mention, she’s the mother of two-year-old Gracie and has another one on the way! If you’re already following Peppermint Bliss (and I have a feeling most of you are) then you know just how much fun Bailey is. I use the word “fun” because that’s really what she is. I mean who else do you know whose collections include Wizard of Oz Christmas decor? She has such a unique perspective on decorating and has a serious knack for mixing and matching.  You can see that in her own home (check out her before & after section), as well as in her Houston boutique where she sells her own line of bedding. I’m always so inspired by Bailey’s bold use of color. She doesn’t shy away from it and manages to incorporate it into everything she does – including Biscuit bedding. I especially love the Jenny print and the Fiona style.

You know what else is fun? The fact that Bailey and I share a love for Dawson’s Creek – particularly the amazingness that is Pacey + Joey. I like her even more now.

Images via Peppermint Bliss, A Piece of Toast, and IMDB

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