fashion   //   November 9, 2009

Style Icon: Betty Draper

Want to know where you can find me on Sunday evenings around 9:00 PM? I am in front of the TV watching (swooning over is more like it) AMC’s Mad Men. This show has plenty going for it, including more than a few Emmys and some of the best writing on television, but I just can’t seem to take my eyes off Betty Draper. The perfectly-coiffed housewife represents iconic 1960s glamour.  She has a look that channels Grace Kelly and Sandra Dee – decidedly feminine, elegant and charming. In fact, in an interview with Glamour magazine, Janie Bryant, Mad Men’s costume designer, says she gathered her inspiration for Betty’s character from her own grandmother and none other than Grace Kelly. This lady knows how to keep it together: she may be married to a philanderer and trapped in suburbia but you’ll never see a blonde hair out of place on this Betty.
Let’s be honest, we’re never going to look like Betty. You can go ahead and file her under: “Women We Wished We Looked Like … But Never Will.” However, that doesn’t mean we can’t try! To get Betty’s ultra-femme look, think poufy and pretty – graceful dresses with fitted bodices and full-circle skirts, and of course, matching sweater sets. While Betty Draper might have been circa 1960, with a few slight updates, she is totally fall 2009. Check out these sites to dress like a Draper:

Check out the Etsy shop Sohomode for custom made vintage-inspired creations

Isn’t this a perfect LBD for Betty? Find it at Shrimpton Couture
The belted shirt dress is a Betty-wardrobe essential. Find it here
Catch the madness on tonight’s Season 3 finale on AMC.
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