shopping   //   September 10, 2015


stubbs & wootten

Missing summer already? A pair of slippers (this pair, in particular) from the new Stubbs & Wootten collection might make you feel better. The legendary shoe brand has teamed up yet again with M’oda ‘Operandi to release their newest wares which include both the classic slipper style and monogram-ready (!) espadrilles. I’ve honestly never met a pair of Stubbs slippers that I didn’t love (that preppy side of me just can’t resist) but this collection might just be one of my very favorites yet. The embroidered slippers are available in all kinds of punchy hues (this pink!) and feature jet-set scenes like Capri and the Taj Mahal, while the espadrilles have stripes and include your very own monogram of choice. While I almost always opt for the former when it comes to my Stubbs, I think I’m going to change it up and go for these espadrilles. What can I say? The monogram gets me every time. Good news: they’ll arrive just in time for my holiday vacation to Harbour Island.


stubbs & wootten

stubbs & wootten stubbs & wootten


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