style   //   February 24, 2014


nudist sandal

Perfect heels – those that are both chic and comfortable, and go with a million different things – don’t come along that often. So, when you’ve found a pair, it’s usually wise to buy it in every color. (This is exactly the reason for my growing collection of these.) The problem is that it’s usually tough to find it in all the colors you want – unless you can figure out a way to customize them. That’s exactly what Stuart Weitzman is going to do for you. The company has dedicated an entire section to custom orders of their perfectly-perfect Nudist sandal. It’s one of my all-time favorite ankle-strap sandals, and I always find myself wishing I had it in more colors. Today is my lucky day. I can now choose form twelve different shades (the white pair is a must). It’s a simple, three-step process: heel height (4.5″ for me), color, size/width. That’s it. Perfect shoes headed for your doorstep.

nudist sandalnudist sandal nudist sandal nudist sandal


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