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STATESIDE pocket tee

STATESIDE T-Shirt (without pocket here) // THE GREAT Jeans (similar here and here) // SAINT LAURENT Bag

When in doubt, reach for the black tee. That’s my mantra. Whenever I’m unsure what top to wear with a skirt or a pair of pants, I grab my black tee. It’s a safe bet and no matter what I’m wearing, it always works. With that said, you can imagine that my black t-shirts get worn quite a bit. And they do. So do all of my t-shirts. It might sound a little silly to admit but t-shirts are one of the most important items I have in my closet. They’re as essential to a wardrobe as a pair of blue jeans. And that’s why I put a lot of time and effort into finding the best ones.

I’ve long been a fan of the offerings from James Perse and I’m not ashamed to admit that I have this striped tee in every single color, but lately the ones getting the most wear are coming from Stateside. This is a new-to-me line that I first discovered over the summer. Their I ordered their pocket tee after spotting a friend of mine wearing it one day at lunch. Since then, I’ve ordered several more styles – including this one and this one. All of their tees are relaxed (read: not super fitted but not baggy either) and so soft. But most importantly, they can withstand a wash. This is crucial. I hate it when I buy a t-shirt, wash it once and it comes out looking totally different. That’s not the case with these. The knot tee is my favorite of the lot. It’s the one I always get asked about when I’m wearing it. The knot is such a simple detail but it really adds something to this otherwise totally basic style. (The same can be said for the ruffle on this one.) It sort of dresses the t-shirt up a little bit. If you’re looking to update your t-shirt collection, give Stateside a go. I have a feeling you’ll be stocking up in no time.

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