accessories   //   June 7, 2017


MOUSSY Jeans // GUCCI Loafers (also available here)

I’ll admit that I was way late on the Gucci loafer trend. The fact that they were (are?) in fact a “trend” is exactly why I was reluctant to jump on board. I sort of thought that they would have their 15 minutes and then disappear. I stayed on the fence and the more I saw them, the less inclined I was to buy myself a pair. But then the opposite happened. They didn’t disappear like I anticipated and the more I saw them, the more I started to like them. And now, here I am: one pair of Gucci mules later.

What’s even funnier is that they’ve actually become one of my most-worn pairs of shoes. The loafer shape lends itself to both dressy and super casual (think: distressed denim and a t-shirt) looks. Not to mention, their slip-on-and-go quality makes them an excellent option for traveling. Though I initially considered buying the black pair (or, for summer, the white!) for versatility sake, I’m ultimately glad I went with the bolder choice. The floral print just makes me happy.

Has that ever happened to you? Something you never thought you wanted suddenly becomes your very favorite thing?

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