diy   //   May 23, 2011


I’m happy to say that I actually followed through on my promise to get started on my spring cleaning, and just to prove to y’all that it actually happened I thought I would share a little picture. I have a small shelf area in my closet where I keep my accessories, and, as you can see from the “before” image, the jewelry shelf had gotten completely out of control. Things were piled on top of one another, necklaces were tangled,  etc. 

The first thing I did was a major clean-out – time to get rid of some of those Silly Bandz I was so fond of last year – followed by some simple organizing. I hung a clear necklace rack from Container Store on the right side, and I used old candlesticks to stack my bangles. I had my super creative friend re-paint that jewelry bust that was purchased in the 7th grade (it had been covered by necklaces for so long that I failed to see that unpleasant pink color that was underneath…yikes!). My favorite part is the super easy addition of cork board. Inspired by this image from Lucky magazine, I decided that cork board would be a great place to hang necklaces, and pin outfit inspiration. 

The first spring cleaning project is complete! Now a cleaning out of my bathroom drawers is in order…

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