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The holidays (can you believe Christmas is in just three short days?) have me running around like a crazy woman. Between work, gift shopping (and then wrapping those gifts), parties, and other Christmas to-do’s, it’s been quite the holiday hustle. During the weeknights when we’ve had a holiday get-together to attend, I’ve rarely had time to return home from the office to change for it. That means whatever I’m wearing that day better work for the party, too. For the most part, I keep it pretty casual during the day: jeans, lots of Madewell’s flannel shirts, and ballet flats (these or these lately) or my sneakers. A flannel shirt to a holiday party though? Well, yes. Luckily, I’ve figured out that I can rely on just a few quick switches and additions to make the oversized boyfriend shirt look festive. First, I’ll usually opt for leather pants as opposed to my jeans. It just automatically dresses things up. Second, a classic pair of heels. I change into these on my way to the party. A good black pump is timeless and will take you pretty much anywhere. Lastly,  I look to my accessories – belts, statement jewelry (this pair or something really cheery like these), or maybe a metallic scarf – for extra help. This Adrienne Landau vest has been a lifesaver. (I’m also obsessed with the coat version.) Not only does it keep me warm, but the leopard print is exactly the bold touch I need to finish off the look.

Any tips and tricks you rely on for making your look work from day-to-night?









Photos by Molly Miller


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