sponsor   //   July 30, 2012


Remember how mesmerized you were when you first laid eyes on Cher Horowitz’s (we’re talking Clueless here) closet? All she had to do was scroll through her wardrobe pieces on her computer to put an outfit together. She was way ahead of us. If Cher had an iPhone, Stylebook would be her favorite app. Stylebook allows you to categorize your wardrobe on your iPhone, compare new purchases to what you already have in your closet,  plan your outfits (mix and match different pieces!), and save your style inspirations all in one place. One of my favorite features of the app is the Packing List. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to packing, and I’m usually trying to plan outfits in my head while I’m at work. This tool lets you plan out your looks with the outfit editor and then import them into a packing list. It makes it such easier to remember pieces that looked good together, and you can simply grab them out of your closet and throw them in a suitcase. This app makes navigating your closet just that simple!

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