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summer stripes // via luella & june

NAMARTA JOSHIPURA Hair Bow // SAINT JAMES T-Shirt // MOTHER Jeans // Vintage Bag // CHANEL Flats (similar here)

HARVEY HELP… The devastation that Hurricane Harvey left has been heavy on my heart. Texas needs all the prayers it can get right now. If you would like to help, please consider donating here. And don’t forget about the pups! These sweet dogs need your help, too. You can make a monetary donation to Dallas DogRRR or donate supplies through their Amazon Wishlist.

A SUGGESTION FOR APPLE… Why on earth is there not a “mark as unread” function for text messages? Gmail has it. Whenever I get an e-mail that I can’t respond to that very moment, I simply mark it as “unread” so that I remember to reply later. It’s what saves me from dozens of unanswered emails. I just wish I could say the same for my text messages. Does anyone share my feelings here?

TRAVEL PLANS… It’s been non-stop travel lately – and it’s not over yet. In just a few short days, I’m off to Nantucket. What’s on the agenda? Absolutely nothing. And I couldn’t be more excited. September is such a good time to be on Nantucket. The summer crowds have disappeared and the weather is pure bliss: warm days and breezy nights. With that in mind, my suitcase is going to look something like this: a couple of swimsuits (this one for sure), denim shorts, and espadrilles for afternoon bike rides, along with several breezy dresses (this one) and cozier pieces like this striped sweater (and maybe this Madewell pullover that I scored for $79?) for nighttime strolls along Main Street. Oh. And plenty of striped t-shirts, of course.

(BASKET) BAG LADY… I have more than my fair share of basket bags. (Seriously. It’s officially a “collection.”) But that doesn’t mean I can’t always use one more. Enter Ellen & James. This Australian shop has so many adorable straw bags, in all kinds of different styles and shapes – from rectangle bucket bags to round minis. Bonus: they’re all under $100 and they ship worldwide.

NEW APP OBSESSION… While I’ve embraced the digital option in most areas of my life, I’m completely old-school when it comes to newspapers/magazines. I still like the real thing. I just can’t quit it. (In fact, if you looked at my office right now, you’d think I was some sort of magazine hoarder. And you’d be right. I am.) However, this kind of obsession isn’t exactly travel-friendly. It’s weighs me down – literally. Thankfully, a friend just introduced me to Texture. For $10 per month, the app offers an all-access to pass to over 200 different magazines. I’m fully-entertained on long flights and my tote bag is sufficiently lighter.

REALLY GOOD JEANS… If you have yet to try the jeans from Veronica Beard, do yourself a favor and order a pair. This is the brand’s first denim collection and I’m telling you they’ve nailed it. The jeans are nearly perfect: the quality is top-notch and the fit is so flattering. The “Carolyn” style is the one I’ve been wearing non-stop. They’re not super-stretchy (hate that) but not stiff either. They’re the perfect in-between. Not to mention, I really love that red tuxedo stripe detail.

BINGE-WATCHING I just started watching Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce and I love it. It’s an easy, fun-to-watch series focusing on four 40-something women living in LA. It’s essentially today’s version of Sex and the City. Anyone else hooked on this show?

stripes // luella & june

stripes // luella & june

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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