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While I adore a sky-high heel (especially this pair), most of my days are spent in flats. Ballet flats are a favorite, but I love a good pair of sneakers, too. Since so many of my days are spent running around for my job, a comfortable pair of shoes is key. The trick is finding a pair of that’s comfy, but not sloppy. It’s actually surprising how chic a pair of sneakers can look if you work it right. With so many options out there though, I also like to stick to a pair that’s classic and not so trendy (so. over. these.).

Converses are the tried and true classic. I’ve been through many-a-pair, and the white All-Stars are still my favorite. I’m also a big fan of Supergas (I own this sparkly pair), and I love all of the New Balance ones at J.Crew. The best part about them – besides the fact that they’re incredibly comfortable – is that they go with everything. Casual or fancy. They obviously pair perfectly with jeans and t-shirt, but, on days where I need to look a little more dressed up, they also work with my  leather pants or a shift dress (this one or this one). I don’t even think it matters if they’re a neutral color or not. White and black are clearly great choices, but I also love a colored pair, too. Who knew your old pair of Nikes could be so chic?

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Images via Vogue, La-21 Eme, Emerson Fry

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