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Sloane Stationery Notebooks

If you were to peek inside my handbag on any given day, there are three things you would almost certainly find: Aquaphor, my Truffle clutch, and a notebook. While I rely on my iPhone for just about everything else in my life, I’m still a believer in putting pen to paper when it comes to jotting down things like notes, ideas, and to-do lists (who doesn’t love the productive feeling of crossing something off?). There’s something about writing those things down that makes them feel important – not to mention, helps me remember to get them done. Since I never leave home without one, the notebook becomes like an accessory for me and I love to find new ones. My latest favorites are from Sloane Stationery. From notebooks to photo albums to desk accessories, this company creates paper goods that are both stylish (lizard covers + gold embossing!) and functional.  They come in the juiciest colors (love this fuchsia one!) and the gold-embossed messages on the covers add the perfect playful touch. Pulling out this “To Do or Not To Do” one from my tote makes me smile every time. They also make for great gifts, too. I mean how cute would this notebook be for a bride? And how about this “Honeymoon” photo album?

To-do lists have never looked chicer…

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