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RETROSUPERFUTURE Sunglasses // MADEWELL Sweater (similar here and here) // J.CREW Shirt (ON SALE!) // FRAME DENIM Jeans // GOLDEN GOOSE Sneakers // ESSIE Nail Polish in “Meet Me At Sunset”

It’s about time for another Lucy update, don’t you think? She’s now six months old! Those of you following along with me on Instagram have no doubt noticed (and commented) that Lucy is getting bigger. The fact that I see her every single day means that her subtle changes in size are something I barely notice. (The only exception here is when she refuses to get off the couch and I’m forced to pick her up and carry her. Talk about an arm workout.) Though she’s still very much a puppy (and acts like it, too), I have noticed her behavior changing into more adult-like traits. For example, she’s following commands (sit, stay, here) at a much more reliable rate. I’m no longer spending my entire day chasing after her so she won’t run into the street or trample through an entire flower bed. Lucy is also slowly getting the hang of walking on her leash. This has been the most difficult task to teach her and at times, I feared she would never get it. She either wouldn’t budge or it would take us 20 minutes to walk five feet because she would get so distracted. After lots of practice, though, I think we’re finally getting somewhere. Here’s something that hasn’t changed: this dog loves her food. (Have you seen this video? The “dinner spins” are still very much a part of our day.) I’ve never seen a dog eat an entire bowl of food that quickly. In order to try to slow this down just a bit, we opted for one of these bowls from Wag. It has proved quite helpful.

Here’s one thing Lucy has changed about me: the amount of time I spend outside. This may sound so obvious but it’s truly a big change – and one that’s for the better. While my instinct is to hole up at my desk all day with work, Lucy simply won’t have it. These days, I’m almost always in my running/walking shoes (these, these, or these) or my Golden Goose sneakers since my day is broken up into alternating bouts of inside/outside time with Lucy. I see a lot more sunshine now (this also means I’m constantly reapplying my SPF) and that’s a very good thing.












Photos by Molly Miller

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