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If you asked me to describe my style, “trendy” is not a word I would use. I’m someone who sticks with the classics (in the case of shoes, that means of plenty of these) and makes subtle updates through color and accessories. I’m a little reluctant to buy into trends  because they’re exactly that: trends. They’re in and out before we know it. However, that’s not to say that occasionally I don’t a trend comes in that I just can’t seem to shake. That’s exactly what’s happening with the current slip-on shoe trend we’ve been seeing so much of lately. I’ll admit that initially I  didn’t like them (too clunky? too sporty?), but lately my feelings seem to have changed. I actually kind of like them now.

Céline kicked this trend back into gear with both their leopard and plaid versions (leave it to Céline to change my mind, right?) and now every designer from  Vince to Steve Madden has a pair. You can pretty much find them in every shade (black, light pink, gold…)  and print imaginable (glitter, stripes, leopard…). I scrolled through this for some look inspiration. These sneakers work with just about anything, don’t they? (I think they’d be extra cute with white jeans this summer and a stripe dress like this one, too.)

Of course, if you can’t quite get there with the sneaker version of the slip-on,  the espadrilles I’m seeing have the same idea. Something like these or this leopard pair would work.

I personally think that this pair from Steve Madden is your best bet – lots of color options and they’re under $100. Of course, the leopard print is my favorite. Surprised?

What are your thoughts on the slip-on? Yay or nay?

Scroll through to shop my favorites:

Images via Vogue

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