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With the exception of lots of gingham button-downs (I have this one in both colors) and plenty of pajamas, I’ve never really owned a lot of other check pieces. That’s changed: no longer does gingham make me feel like I’m wearing a tablecloth from a summer picnic. (However, I am slightly obsessed with the print for my summer tables. I already own these plates and I’m thinking about ordering a set of these placemats.)  You can blame it on the Michael Kors spring collection. He just made it look so chic – especially for summer. I’m now the proud owner of these pants (perfect fit and cropped right a the ankle) and this one-pieceWhile I’m not normally one to jump so quickly on a trend, this is one I really like.

This summer, gingham comes in all shapes and sizes. I’m not sure I could pull it off head-to-toe (though this DVF combo is making a strong case for it), a few pieces here and there totally works. I also love the vintage vibe gingham has. Brigitte Bardot, anyone? This swimsuit looks like it was made for a summer spent in the French Riviera in the ’60s. This halter-style dress is so sweet and screams summer – not to mention, at $37 (!), it’s quite the steal. While navy-and-white is standard fare, there’s also so many good color options: think orange, yellow, pink. If we’re talking sizes, you don’t have to go for the big checks. I love the small, too. This shirt dress, for example, still gives you the pattern but it’s much more subtle.

No matter what gingham you favor, there’s definitely something out there that will work. Scroll through above for my favorites.

Images via Vogue

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