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Ever since my trip to Harbour Island, I have been so inspired by all things ocean. I’m especially enamored with shells.  I just love all of the different colors and textures – especially when they’re all clustered together. I’ve been buying little shell trinkets like this picture frame for my bedside table and this amazing box for my jewelry. Now, what I really want is a shell mirror. I’m obsessed with them. I took so many pictures of various shell mirrors in Harbour Island. It seemed that everywhere I went (the hotels, private homes, and even the boutiques!) had a different one. Some were made with all white shells (so pretty) and then I found others that were made with shells in all different colors and sizes, too. The picture above is my favorite one. I’ve been on the hunt for one just like it ever since. And guess what? I just found it. Here it is. On Furbish. I know shells just scream beach and a little ocean house would obviously be the best place for one of these mirrors, but I’m still thinking about buying this one for my powder bath. Every time I looked at it, I would be reminded of sunny days at the beach. What’s not to love about that?

shell mirror

FURBISH Shell Mirror

Photography by Luella & June®

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