art   //   March 10, 2015


As someone who loves to entertain, setting my table is one of my favorite things to do. I see the table as a blank canvas and the place settings are like little art projects, mixing and matching different colors and textures. However, when it comes to Seletti, the work is almost always done for me. The Italian company is known for their artful approach to household products. I love how they’ll take an everyday item ( a “card table,” for example) and put some sort of creative, quirky spin on it. Their tableware pieces always seem to be my favorite though – interesting glassware, teacups with neon handles…how can you resist? It’s their recent Hybrid Collection, however, that has truly caught my eye as of late. Designed by CTRLZAK, the collection is a series of porcelain dishware that includes plates, bowls, teaspoons, cups and saucers. Each piece showcases an Eastern style and a Western style, with a dividing line right down the middle. Talk about a conversation starter at the table! I just love the unique mixture here (especially this one) and can only imagine how gorgeous they would be on a table. Are these not the prettiest plates you’ve ever seen? It’s like they’re (almost) too pretty to eat off of – but, of course, I totally would.

hybrid_piatti_fr hybrid_piatti

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