style   //   January 11, 2010

Secret Garden

It’s hard to imagine the spring season with the Arctic blast just outside our doors, but H&M is making this task a little easier (and giving us something to look forward to) with their new Garden Collection. Inspired by the ’70s hippie-chic look, the romantic collection is full of relaxed silhouettes and vibrant floral prints. The girlish pieces are bright and whimsical – just what you need in your spring/summer ensembles. The collection is totally affordable too, with the most expensive piece at $60 and most of the items falling between $15 and $30. And if the budget-friendly prices aren’t enough, the collection is made using sustainable materials and recycled PET bottles and textile waste, making is 100% eco-friendly. No buyer’s remorse here.
Look for the collection when it hits H&M stores in March.

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