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When I first started the renovation process of our home, there were few things I knew for certain. The whole thing was a learning process for me, and, while I had a clear idea of a the direction I wanted to go on, I definitely changed my mind on the details more than once. There was one thing, however, that was always a sure thing: I wanted a powder room that really popped. I never wavered on that. I went through what felt like millions of different wallpaper samples with my interior designers  before finally deciding on one from Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper. Now that the bathroom is finished and the wallpaper is installed, I couldn’t be happier with it.

The powder room is such a tiny space in one’s home but if it’s done right, it can be one of the best spots. The fact that the room is so small is the best part because that’s what allows you to really pick something that packs a punch. You can go a little crazy with it (I certainly did). A few of my favorite sources for wallpaper include Osborne & Little and Cole & Son. I also think  Anthropologie has some great options. I especially love this giraffe print one. If you’re looking for something geometric, Kelly Wearstler is an easy choice. It’s a tiny room, but why shouldn’t it make a big impact?

splatterHBX-BOLD-POWDER-BATHROOMS-1HBX030114_098 tilepowder-room-after geo wall wallpaper spots


Images via Lonny, House BeautifulLilly Bunn InteriorsTilton Fenwick, and Design to Inspire

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