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KREWE DU OPTIC Sunglasses // DELFINA Coverup (also available here) // J.CREW Swimsuit // RAE FEATHER Tote (similar here) // ANCIENT GREEK Sandals // LOLA Hat

Though the middle of summer isn’t technically until August, I always think of the Fourth of July as the halfway point. It always comes way too quickly and gives me a sense of urgency to start soaking up as much of summer as I can. One of those summer things is time by the pool. We’re about to head into the hottest (read: triple digit temperatures every single day) time of the year in Texas. So, if you’re going to be outside, a pool is kind of the best place to be.

The key to making a day by the pool even better? It’s all in what you pack. Aside from my favorite one-piece suit and the cutest beach towel ever, here’s a quick list of my current by-the-pool essentials.

1. Basket Bag

I have no idea when I accumulated so many straw bags. I have a sort of mini-collection of them now. They’ve replaced my usual leather carryall as my everyday bag. I carry this one ($98) all the time and I just splurged on this one from Nannacay.

2. Elta Sunscreen

I’ve mentioned this stuff so many times but I seriously think it’s the best. I use the EltaMD Clear on my face every single day – all year long. It’s so light on my skin and never causes a break out. For my body, I slather on the “Sport” version. It’s water-resistant and melts right into my skin.

3. Lola Hat

I keep my face out of the sun as much as I possibly can. You’ll never see me by the pool without some sort of hat. While I’m still a huge fan of this packable (!) one from Eric Javits, lately I’m also really loving the options from Lola Hats. My leather-wrap one is as practical as it is chic.

4. Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker

No longer am I relying on the pitiful iPhone speaker to listen to my tunes. This speaker is lightweight, easy to pack, and, thanks to Bluetooth, requires little to no effort to connect to my iPhone.

5. Floats/Games

We’re big game people around here. We’ve been known to stay up into the wee hours playing rounds of Spades. These waterproof cards let us play our games right from our pineapple pool floats.

6. Sachajuan “Hair In The Sun” Cream

My hair is dry enough already and the mix of sun and chlorine doesn’t help. Lately, I’m really loving this cream from Sachajuan. It’s like SPF for my hair. I apply it (works on dry or wet hair!) before I head outside and by the end of the day, my hair still feels really moisturized.

luella & june

luella & june

luella & june

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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