fashion   //   September 25, 2013


moreplaid plaids mira in plaid plaidshirtplaid plaid9 plaid7 plaid5 plaid6plaid pants mixed plaids plaid plaid4 plaid3 plaid2 plaid1Just like last week’s camo post, plaid is another one of those iffy prints for me. I definitely don’t have quite as strong of feeling as I did about camo, but it’s just a print that I have to warm up to a little bit. Plaid is nothing new to me. I’m actually quite well-versed in ways of plaid. I went to a school that required a uniform – plaid skirt, white oxford shirt, and saddle oxfords (you get the picture). That means I basically wore plaid every single day of my life (excluding summers) for twelve years.  Maybe that’s why it’s taking me some time to get back into it.

Don’t get me wrong. I own plenty of plaid shirts (this one and this one are my two favorites right now). Those are actually one of my must-have basics. I live in those. It’s the full-on plaid pants and skirts that I’m talking about. After seeing them pop up all over the streets of NYFW, I’m suddenly very interested in the checked print. What I really love about it is that it has multiple personalities. It can be super preppy (think boarding school looks), and then it can go the opposite direction and be totally punk. While I don’t think I’m quite savvy enough to do anything crazy like mix my plaids (if you’ve got the skills, go. for. it.), I think I could totally get into a shirt like this one paired with my leather mini. And I kind of love the look of these plaid trousers. I would pair it with a cozy gray sweater and my black pumps. Am I totally crazy that I think this sequin skirt is cool? Paired with a white button-down or a chambray? Maybe.

I’ve perused the internet for perfect plaids. Scroll through here and click it to shop it.

Images via Stockholm Streetstyle, Le 21-eme, Let It Be

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