style   //   June 10, 2014



If you’ve been following my Instagram or reading this blog for longer than five minutes then you know about my obsession with all things pineapple. I’m not even sure when it started. It was as if I just looked around my house one day and realized that I was a collector of pineapples. (My front door even has a pineapple knocker.) I just can’t seem to resist them – which only seems to be getting even more difficult because they’re all the sudden everywhere. From t-shirts to art. (Speaking of art, Gray Malin’s latest photograph is just too good.) I have found some really good things for my house on One Kings Lane. They seem to always have an amazing selection of the fruit. Just one quick search and you get all of this. (How about that lamp?!) Does anyone else share my adoration? Or do you have another quirky collection of your own?


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