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kenzo dress

One of the best things to come out of the spring/summer trends is the emergence of tropical prints. You know the ones: the pineapples, the Hawaiian-inspired florals, and, my personal favorite, palms. They’re the types of prints that scream vacation and are simply perfect for the summer months. There have been plenty of designers that have really knocked these prints out of the park (Topshop being one of them), and Kenzo is near the very top of that list. They’ve always been aces when it comes to bold, splashy prints but this season’s group has to be one of my favorites yet. The colors are striking and their eye-catching palm prints make just the right statement for summer. (Their prints always encourage me to be bit more daring with my pattern mixing, too. Just take a peek at this look and you’ll see what I mean.)What I really love is their choice in materials. Not only have the mastered a unique mix between various textures, but this particular dress (sold out – but this one is really similar and so fantastic, too) happens to be cotton, making it light and easy-breezy for warm weather. In other words, an ideal summer piece.

kenzo dresskenzo dress kenzo dress kenzo dress kenzo dressPhotos by Molly Miller

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