style   //   May 15, 2013


honeymoon packing


1. SENSI STUDIO Hat 2. MISSONI Striped Pareo 3. TORY BURCH Foldover Clutch 4. TIBI Denim Shorts 5. DL1961 Jeans 6. THE INTERESTINGS Book 7. TIBI Chiffon Dress 8. SUZANNA DAI Earrings 9. LOEFFLER RANDALL Sandals 10. EQUIPMENT Palm-Tree Print Blouse 11. RAY-BAN Sunglasses 12. J.CREW Bikini 13. LA MER Creme de la Mer

I’m normally a major packing procrastinator. I always wait until the very last minute to start putting things into my suitcase. This inevitably stresses me out and leaves me scrambling to get everything together before my flight. Packing is just something gives me anxiety (anyone else?) and an activity I don’t particularly like – which probably explains why I avoid doing it ahead of time. But that’s not the case this for this trip. I promised myself that I would get all of my packing for the honeymoon done early (as in not on Friday afternoon and definitely not on Saturday morning). There are plenty of other things I need to be focusing on this week, and my suitcase really shouldn’t be one of them. I’ve made some fun purchases (like this and a pair of these, too!) and that always makes packing a little easier, don’t you agree? Besides the beach essentials – my sunscreen and a bikini – I’ll also be bringing some new favorite dresses and my latest read, too!

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