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This Christmas will be the second since my husband and I got married. However, with so many new happenings – new house, new locale, new traditions – in our lives, it sort of feels like it’s the first. At this time last year we were in the middle of our current house’s renovation (so thankful to be finished with that), living in our charming-but-tiny duplex. Outfitting our temporary home with Christmas seemed like too much work last year for some reason. There was a small tinsel tree that I decorated with these adorable donkey ornaments and I think I might have managed to put out a bowl of red-and-green M&Ms. But that was it. No lights. No mistletoe. No stockings over the mantle.

That is not the case this year. Perhaps it has something to do with last year’s lack of decorating but I’ve really gone for it this year. We’ve got a tree, a wreath, a pair of monogrammed stockings, and more red-and-green candy than we can handle. Everything is a first in this house which means everything is a fresh start – especially Christmas. It feels like an opportunity to start new traditions and after a long and tiresome renovation, I felt #projectorangedoor deserved a decent Christmas. With that in mind, decorating seemed of utmost importance this year. I was so excited about all of it that I started planning it out in August. (A new house will do that to you.)

I had several, very specific ideas of what I wanted to do and enlisted the help of Jackson Durham to achieve them. The most important? The tree, of course. I knew I didn’t want to go the traditional route with the tree. It was Jackson Durham’s idea to go with a flocked, and while I was initially skeptical about it (I had always envisioned green), I have totally changed my mind. I love the flocking! As far as the ornaments, no red and green for me. I wanted something bright, something colorful. What does that give me? Pink! (Are you surprised?) The ornaments – an array of pinks with touches of gold – are a mixture of new and vintage. That’s my favorite part: the vintage ornaments. I love that they add a playful touch to the tree. (I have a favorite ornament, too. Can you guess which one it is?). On that note: I’m also a collector of vintage pink ornaments now. Another new tradition! I can’t wait to keep adding to it. I’ve had so much fun just staring at our sparkly, pink tree that the thought of taking it down and into storage in a week or so is making me a little sad. But knowing that we’ll get to pull it out year after year makes it totally worth it. Oh well.









Photos by Molly Miller

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