outfits   //   February 8, 2017


paul andrew rhea flats


If I had to crown someone king of the pointy-toe flat, Paul Andrew would most certainly win out. (Tabitha Simmons would be queen!) I am obsessed with his “Rhea” flats. I bought my first pair a little over a year ago and fell fast in love. They’re just kind of perfect. First off, the fit is amazing. In the past, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with slingbacks. A lot of them aren’t comfortable and tend to get loose over time. Know what I mean? These, however, aren’t like that at all. They’re comfortable (truly!) and stay on my feet without my having to constantly readjust the strap. I also love they they’re as functional as they are chic. One of my favorite parts about these fab flats is that they have a teeny little heel. It’s a subtle, but important detail! That heel makes them just a touch dressier than a lot of my other flats and is the reason I’ve been able to wear them just as often to cocktail parties as I do running errands. In other words: you’re just as likely to find me wearing them with a pair of ripped jeans as you are this ladylike dress.

These kinds of good qualities are the reason I’m allowing myself to invest in a second (and maybe third?) pair. The good news is that they come in lots of different colors. The black, the beige, and the grey pairs all make for great basics. And then there’s the colored pairs! A rainbow of them! From pink (just ordered those for myself) to purple to an aqua-blue that would be really fun for spring and summer. After all, if the shoe fits…

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