shopping   //   June 12, 2015


First of all, I should start off that this is not a sponsored post. I just really like what I’m seeing here. 

Old Navy has always been a place I went for basics – tees, a pair of skinny jeans (I’m a fan of the “Rockstar Skinny Cropped“) every now and then, and $10 sandals. While it’s still a good spot for all those things (I just bought this t-shirt dress), it’s also become a destination for so much more. A recent trip to the store for what was supposed to be a quick stop a pair of these (you simply cannot beat a $2.50 price tag), has me browsing for for an hour – not to mention, a handful of goodies. The retailer has seriously changed up its game, adding some very cool – and very well-priced – closet essentials like boyfriend blazers and oxford-style stripe dresses to the mix. Their summer game, though, is what’s really on point. Think: linen tunics (I started with white and now I own navy blue and black, too), adorable little tops like this one and this one, throw-on-and-go dresses, and tasseled scarves that are ideal for airplane travel. (Speaking of scarves, if you need a little something for the Fourth of July, check this one out.) They’ve even added some prints that I really like – this dress, in particular.  While I haven’t tried any of their swimsuits, I have come to love their coverup offerings – namely, these long, breezy dresses and adorable kaftans. I find that my summer stuff always seems to get so much wear and tear – sno-cone stains on white jeans, worn-to-death sandals – so finding cute things with a price tag that won’t break my heart if I spill ice cream all over it is key. These are summer steals at their best. Take a peek through the slideshow to see for yourself.

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