style   //   July 14, 2014


loeffler randall

You all know that when it comes to “trends,” I’m hardly ever the first one to jump on board. (It took me months to get on the slip-on wagon – but I’m oh-so-glad I did.) For the most part, those trendy items are usually in-and-out, and I prefer to invest in classic pieces that I truly love and that I know will stand the test of time. Case in point: birkenstocks. When did that even start? I feel like all the sudden everyone around me is sporting the ’90s favorite – and when I feel like everyone around me is wearing the same thing, that’s usually what makes me back off from it. However, I actually think I might be coming around to these things. Maybe. Sort of. Here’s what I know for sure: I really like Loeffler Randall’s take on the style. It’s definitely Birkenstock-esque, but more refined. You get the double-straps and the thick, cork sole of Birkenstock, but the materials are much more refined. I love the leather choices and the contrasting patterns and textures. The gold + cheetah stripes are definitely my favorite. They’re basically a dressed-up Birkenstock, no? This is kind of Birk that I can definitely see taking up a spot in my closet.

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