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Since most of my days are spent running to and from various appointments and shoots for work, high heels (God love them) just aren’t practical for me. Flats make the long hours on my feet bearable. I love my ballet flats (these are a favorite right now) but lately I’m becoming more and more of a sneaker girl. From my New Balance kicks to my slip-ons to my tried-and-true Supergas, I’ve somehow found myself with a mini-collection of sneakers. And none of them are for wearing to and from the gym.

My latest sneakers obsession? The Nike Roshe Run. The design of these sneakers is super clean and simple. It’s a straightforward design. That’s what makes them a chic sneak. Not to mention, the minimal look allows them to be paired with everything from skinny denim to leather pants to skirts. I honestly have no idea if they’re really the best “running” shoes per say (thought the thick sole does look to be quite supportive). I already have running shoes and that’s not what these kicks are for anyway. The Roshe is for wearing around town and what not.

They come in a million colors which always presents a problem for me. I’ll probably end up with this gray or another neutral like this one and if I really like them then I’ll go ahead with a super bright (orange or neon pink). There’s also a print option which I’m surprisingly not averse to. It’s a good-looking sneaker. You can’t go wrong.

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