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We’ve been living in our new home officially for about a little over a month now. You would think that after five weeks, we would have everything unpacked and organized. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The boxes are gone but things still feel very hodgepodge and disorganized. I’m coming to learn that while moving-in is definitely fun, it’s not something that comes together with a snap of the fingers. Anyone else feel me?

One thing I’m noticing during this process is our lack of accessories. This house has more room than our previous home – not to mention, a lot more shelves. I almost felt overloaded in our old house with the amount of books and other knickknacks, but  that’s not the case here. In searching for a few little things here and there to fill up some spots on those empty shelves, I came across the latest Nate Berkus collection for Target. (Remember the beach towel from yesterday’s post?) The entire line is not only super cute but it’s so affordable. You can find everything from lamps (love this one) to area rugs to small furniture  – and every single thing is under $150. It’s the decorative accessories that really excel though. In fact, it was this gilded tray that first got my attention. How cool is that? It’s got a glam touch to it and would make the perfect addition to a bar or entry table. I also love the decorative boxes – specifically the black and gold one and, of course, the turtle shell one.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or hunting for a housewarming present, this collection is definitely worth a look.

image-6 image-10 image-1 gg image-5 imageImages via Target 


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