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Zara blazer + stripes

CÉLINE Sunglasses (similar here) // ZARA Jacket // SAINT JAMES T-Shirt // J BRAND Jeans // CHANEL Heels (similar style here) // CÉLINE Bag 

My husband and I have a lot of traditions that I love but one of my very (very, very) favorites is our annual Memorial Day getaway. Since our wedding anniversary falls the week before the holiday, we’ve always used the long weekend as our time to celebrate. We’ve gone somewhere different every year. (Picking the place is always half the fun!) This year’s destination: Napa. Though we’ve both been to Napa numerous times – both separately and together – we’ve never done it for our Memorial Day trip. It’s one of our very favorite places. The food, the wine, the weather – we love it all! And that’s what makes it the perfect spot to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

Even though this trip has been planned for months, I still managed to wait until the very last minute to pack my suitcase. (Every. Single. Time.) After a few hours of clothes flying everywhere last night (my husband refers to these packing fits as “clothes attacks”), I managed to get everything packed (it’s amazing how much I can stuff into this tiny carry-on) before I went to sleep.

So, what’s in my suitcase? Well, if you were to take a peek, you’d find various versions of this red-white-and-blue (very apropos for the holiday!) ensemble I’m wearing here. What you’re looking at is essentially my go-to travel uniform: denim + striped tee (a mix of styles from Kule and Saint James) + jacket. It’s this simple formula that makes getting dressed while traveling a lot easier. It allows me to mix and match different pieces (rule: a striped tee goes with everything) and, with just a quick accessory switch, I can easily dress things up or down. For this particular trip, I packed two jackets (one of which is my new VB blazer that I love!), and my white denim outnumbers the blue (because summer!). I’ll be relying on my earrings (these and several pairs of these) to give my looks the punch they need.

via Luella & June

via Luella & June

via Luella & June

via Luella & June

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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