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I collect two things: pineapples and books. (I also have a book on pineapples.) The latter is the one I’m talking about today. While it probably doesn’t shock you that a large number of my books are devoted to subjects like fashion, art, and design (this is my current favorite), what might come as a surprise is that a large portion of my bookshelves are filled cookbooks. As my love for cooking has grown over the past couple of years, so has my cookbook collection. It’s become a bit of an obsession. These days, I find that my Amazon wish list is filled with just as many books on food as it is books on fashion.

Today, I’m giving you my current favorite cookbooks – everything from the healthy to the not-so-healthy-but-so-delicious. While I love combing through Pinterest for recipes (I have boards dedicated to specific food categories!), sometimes I just don’t feel like reading my recipe from the iPad. Lately, I’ve been giving the iPad a rest and relying on these new recipe reads instead. If you’ve got thoughts on any of these, I would love to hear them. More importantly, if you have any cookbooks that you’re loving, please tell me! I’m always looking to add new ones to my collection…

1. Food52 Genius Recipes

As a huge fan of the Food52 website, I couldn’t wait for this book to arrive at my door. The book’s claim is that it will “change the way you cook” – and it most certainly does. With recipes for everything from the ultimate guacamole (yum!) to the perfect tomato sauce for spaghetti, this cookbook has become an instant staple in my kitchen.

2. Cookie Love

I take my cookies seriously and, thankfully, so does Mindy Segal. Cookie Love is basically Segal’s ode to the baked treats. From tried-and-true classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to more creative takes (bacon candy bar cookies, anyone?), this book covers it all. I really love the “My Cookie Pantry” section where she explains basic baking techniques as well as a list of the items every baker should keep on hand.

3. The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook

If your body needs a detox or just a healthy reset, this is the book for you. It comes from the owners of The Ranch at Live Oak (one of the world’s top wellness centers and health spas), and the recipes are low-gluten, sugar-free and anti-inflammatory. The dishes I’ve tried have been delicious and surprisingly easy to make.

4. Dessert for Two

Here’s the problem with baking: it’s difficult to do in small quantities. How many time have you wanted cake but didn’t need the leftovers of a 12-inch round? That’s where Dessert for Two comes in. It offers delicious dessert recipes – everything from chocolate chip cookies to bread pudding to mini-cakes –  made for just two people. It’s a genius concept in my opinion – not to mention, an excellent choice for date night.

5. How to Cook Everything Fast

One of the things I struggle with in the kitchen is time management. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get everything on the plate at the same time. This book is teaching me all kinds of tips and tricks on how to fix that. I’m learning shortcuts that I’ll be able to apply to all kinds of recipes in the future. Not to mention, the recipes (the chopped Greek salad is incredible!) in this book are all really delicious! One of the best parts about the book, in my opinion, is the substitution list where you can find other options for those times when you’re missing that one ingredient.

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Image via The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook

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