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zella tank

ZELLA Tank // ZELLA Sports Bra // OUTDOOR VOICES Hoodie // ZELLA Leggings // NIKE Sneakers // S’WELL Water Bottle // CHANEL “Espadrilles” Nail Polish

I know. It’s a little late (nine months late) to be making my new year’s resolutions. But I’ve never really been one to make one big list at the beginning of the year. I’m more of a “make-them-as-you-go” kind of girl. Besides, the beginning of fall always feels like a new year to me anyway. Despite the fact that I’m no longer a student (tear), seeing all the kiddos go back to school gives me all the feels of a fresh start. With that in mind, I’m using this time to make a few resolutions that I’m hoping I’ll stick to for the rest of the year (maybe forever?).

I’ve made a mental list of resolutions to get me started. The top of that list? Walk more. The fact that something as simple as that actually has to make a resolution list sounds a little silly. But it’s something I’m not doing nearly enough of lately. I’m not talking about walking miles and miles. I’m not even focused on breaking a sweat. My goal is simply just to move more. Here’s the deal: there are some days that I’m so busy, running around from place to place, that it feels like I never actually sit down. And then there are others, when I’m working from home and the only steps I take are to and from the bathroom. Those are the days I’m talking about here.

Three things are helping with this little goal of mine. One, I’ve set a pair of sneakers in the closet by the front door. (Side note: In addition to a new pair of kicks, I also picked up a couple of things like this easy tank from Zella. I’m new to the line and a big fan. Anyone else?) Having my sneakers right by the door means they’re always available for a quick walk around the block. No excuses. Secondly, I downloaded this app that alerts me when it’s time to take a break. Yes. I need an app to remind me to move. Sad, but true. Sometimes I get so focused on what I’m doing that I literally forget to stand up. This app prevents me from spiraling down the black hole that is the internet. Lastly, Lucy. She’s eager to help with this resolution. Lucy is a a curious little pup and she always loves a good cruise around the neighborhood. My husband has even joined in here. Ever night before dinner, we head out with Lucy for a walk. Sometimes it’s just a super short walk around the block (and sometimes there are cocktails involved). But we’re walking. So it counts.



Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick Photography

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