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quadrille chair 1

She’s a beauty, isn’t she?  She’s not all by herself either. I have a pair of them of these lovelies in my new living room  As you all know, I’m in the process of moving (the wedding is less than two months away!), and even though I haven’t officially moved in to the new place yet, I’ve already started the a few decorating tasks. These chairs were my first project – and project is a perfect term for it. These chairs weren’t lookin’ so good when I first saw them at Again & Again. (Check out the before image and you’ll see what I mean.) The fabric was hid-e-ous and there were several stains on the arms. However, I really loved the shape. The clean lines were exactly what I was looking for. Plus, the depth is right on – plenty of room so that you can curl up in one, you know?  I knew they had potential. I had been swooning over this Quadrille “Island Ikat” fabric after seeing it at a friend’s house and knew that these chairs would be the perfect place to use it. With the help of Alex (she’, the fabric arrived at my door within days and then I dropped it off at Again & Again so they could work their magic.And voilá!

I’ve never done a before-and-after post, but I figured that this makeover definitely warranted one, don’t you think?


chair before picture

chair in progress



quadrille chairs

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