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Last week was a crazy one. I just couldn’t quite get my act together which explains my absence and the lack of posts. But I’m back!

Today’s post feels especially appropriate given the whirlwind of the last week. I’m a big believer that how you start your morning is important. The way you spend just the first two hours after waking up can set the tone for the entire rest of the day. A morning routine can be anything you want it to be. Everyone’s is going to be different. However, I’ve found that having one – and sticking to it – really helps fuel me through the day. Here, a few elements that are always a part of my morning.

Wake Up Early

I’ve never been a late sleeper. Not even when I was a kid. I was always the one to wake up before everyone else at sleepovers. As an adult, this is more true than ever. I’m usually up around 5 am. I do set an alarm but I’m almost always up way before it ever goes off. I’m just a morning person. It’s when I feel my best. I have a lot of energy and I’ve found that my brain just works better in the morning than it does later in the day.

Drink Lemon Water

I rarely eat or drink anything before my workout. However, the one thing I do sip on every morning is a glass of warm water with lemon. A nutritionist once told me that this was the very best way to start the day. Why? I can’t remember. But it’s a healthy habit that stuck and I do feel like it gives me a little boost in the morning.

Don’t Open the Inbox

I usually have a little bit of time before heading to workout so I use this time to sit down at my desk and go through my to-do list and calendar for the day. I’m a big list person. It helps me get a grasp for the day ahead. The one thing I don’t do – or I really try not to – is open my inbox. This leads me to feel stressed out and it also makes me distracted for the rest of the morning. I usually try to wait to open my inbox later in the morning, after I’ve had my shower and my iced coffee.


I have a lot of energy in the morning so this is when I do my workout. I put on my workout clothes (obsessed with these leggings right now) immediately after I get up. If I lounge in my pajamas then it’s a lot less likely that I’ll go to the gym – and if I don’t exercise in the morning then it’s not happening that day! I’ll admit that there are some mornings that I dread going but once I’m finished, I’m always so glad I did it. It really clears my head and gets me going for the day. I switch up my workouts everyday but every week is usually a mixture of the following: jogging on the treadmill, playing tennis, pilates, and a barre class.

Take Lucy for a Walk – without my iPhone!

I usually take Lucy for a quick walk when I get home for the gym. It’s usually just a quick stroll around the block. The important thing is that I do this without my phone. I used to take my phone with me but always found myself stressed out during the walk. Instead, I leave it at home and use this quick walk as a time to center myself and be present.

Keep Things Simple

I try to keep everything as simple as possible in the morning, incluidng my beauty routine. I use as a few products as possible. In the shower, I use Dove soap to bathe. (I also incorporate this exfoliating scrub a couple of times a week.) If I wash my hair – and that’s a big if since this happens only once or twice a week – I’ll do it with the NouNou shampoo and conditioner from Davines. Once I’m out of the shower, I focus on my face. I cleanse, apply a few drops of this anti-redness serum, apply a few drops of Vintner’s Daughter and finish it off with sunscreen. It takes less than five minutes.

This “keep things simple” rule also applies to getting dressed. For the most part, I sort of stick to a uniform that involves a rotating selection of closet staples which means lots of stripes and plenty of black. Right now, I really love these jeans (super comfortable!) and the Marin sweaters from La Ligne. If I need to dress up, I usually start with a pair of cropped black pants (I love this pair from Vince) and go from there.

Eat Breakfast

The final step before I really get my day started is breakfast. If I don’t eat breakfast, I’m starving all morning which inevitably leads to a bad mood. I usually do something quick like a green smoothie (I make this one a lot and add in frozen spinach) or scrambled eggs with avocado. Lastly, I always make an iced coffee. Non-negotiable. I add homemade almond milk to a glass of Chameleon Cold Brew. It’s delicious. Once I have that, I know it’s time to start my day.

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