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why it's important to make a holiday checklist

NAMRATA JOSHIPURA Bow // ULLA JOHNSON Sweater (similar option here and here)

At this very moment, I’m in a state of half-crazed, half-sane. The sane part of meknows what I’m wearing to my next holiday party (these pants), has sent out all of my holiday cards, and has completely finished the gift shopping. Then there’s the crazy part. That’s the part that has been going to bed way too late, has yet to think about packing for vacation (all I know is that this dress is coming with me), and is responsible for the tornado of wrapping paper and ribbon that has gone through our utility room. Glitter is everywhere.

Needless to say, the season goes by so quickly and turns into such a blur. That’s why at the beginning of every holiday season, I make a list of things I want to do before Christmas. I’m not talking about my regular to-do list (though there’s one of those, too). This list is one with those festive activities and traditions that I want to make sure I don’t forget. Keeping a list holds me accountable and forces me to savor the moment. The list itself is never very long (I’m not one to over-promise and under-deliver), but rather just a few festive add-ons to my usual traditions. This year’s list includes six items total and, as of last weekend, I’ve made my way through three of them: I hosted a holiday dinner (not one, but two!) with my girlfriends, I planned a date night that ended with champagne at The Mansion (my favorite bar in Dallas), and I made ice cream sundaes using Bluebell’s holiday flavors. I’m halfway there! Five days left and three more to go.

How do you make sure to savor the holidays? What are your favorite traditions?

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