culture   //   November 7, 2018


AERIN Match Striker // Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style

If there’s one thing of which I’ll never have enough, it’s books. Thanks to years and years of collecting, I’ve managed to amass quite a selection, with topics ranging from style and design to travel (love this one) and food. (Needless to say, Amazon Prime can be a dangerous thing for someone like me.) One question I get asked quite often is which books are my favorites, and the truth is, they’re all my favorites. It’s a long, long list and because I’m always adding new ones (just purchased this one and this one), the list is always changing. With that said, there are handful (19, to be specific) of titles that I consider essential to the my collection. Scroll through below to see the full list. Whether you’re just starting your own collection or looking to add new ones to an existing one, this list covers some of the very best.

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