best of etsy   //   August 9, 2016


etsy doormat via luella & june

JOSIE B Doormat // J BRAND Jeans // SOLUDOS Sandals

Who knew a doormat could make you so happy? During a recent spin through Etsy (one of my favorite Sunday activities), I came across this doormat that made me laugh out loud. That was all it took. It was in my cart in less than a minute. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and its made my front porch all the better. Not only is the sentiment very true (we love all three of those things – sometimes one more than the others, depending on the day), but I just love that it totally sets the tone for our house. It lets people know we don’t take things too seriously over here. It’s also been quite the conversation-starter. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the door in the last couple of weeks to find someone laughing on the other side followed by a story about how much they love Jimmy Fallon, the best delivery pizza (Dominoes wins every time), their best scores on Amazon, or all three.

The shop has all kinds of fun options. Among my favorites are this one and this one. You can also customize one with whatever you want. Take a peek through the selection. I bet you’ll find one that’s perfect for your front door.

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