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monogrammed napkins

I’ve received several emails from you all asking if and when I’m planning to post some pictures from my wedding. The answer is yes. I am going to post a few pictures from my wedding. When? I’m not sure. I actually haven’t received my wedding pictures yet (patience is a virtue) as my photographer spent his summer in Italy and is just now returning home. So, I’m not going to keep you all in the dark on my wedding. Stay tuned on that!

In the meantime, I thought I would post a few pictures from my bridal luncheon. Since I pretty much abandoned my iPhone (one of the best things I did) during my wedding weekend, I didn’t have one single picture from any of the fun festivities the day before the wedding. While we had a photographer at the rehearsal dinner, we didn’t have one at the bridal luncheon. This was one of my favorite things (let’s be honest: everything from that weekend was my favorite) from that day, and I was feeling a little sad knowing I wouldn’t have any photos from it. Lucky for me, my dear friend – and the lady who designed this entire party – Sam Sano managed to snap some pictures and she was kind enough to send them over to me last week.

Why did I love this party so much? Besides the fact that I got to spend the afternoon sipping champagne and eating lunch (cheeseburgers, thank you) on my very favorite patio with my family and very best friends, this party just felt so much like me. The hostesses really went over and beyond to make this party look and feel like me. It was full of all of my favorites! Not to mention, when Sam is involved, you know it’s going to be good. The details were so unique. Everywhere I looked, there was a little something else. The champagne bar featured black-and-white photographs of some of my favorite iconic couples along with stacks of books that had been specially designed with my blog categories on the spines. The table settings were just as creative, too. Each one had a navy-and-white Mark & Graham napkin monogrammed with my initials (a thoughtful gift from the hostesses that I’ll be using at many future dinner parties) that was topped off with a deck of gold-and-white playing cards as the party favors. (Fun fact about me: I love to play cards. Spades, Gin Rummy… count me in!) And those flowers. The girls over at Bows and Arrows are responsible for those. It was the most beautiful arrangement of pink peonies and hydrangeas that I have ever seen. When it comes to weddings, it’s really those little details that make everything extra special.

bridal luncheon table

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