shopping   //   July 6, 2016



I may not have children (just Lucy!) but that doesn’t stop me from checking out their clothes. Kids’ clothes are so stylish these days, aren’t they? The options used to be few and far between (remember Limited Too?) but now, there’s everything from Crew Cuts to Stella McCartney. And it’s all so cute. (In fact, I’m kind of wishing they made this and this in my size.)

The latest kiddie brand that’s caught my eye is Minnow.  It’s a children’s swimwear line that’s made and designed in California. (Fun fact: Minnow’s founder, Morgan Smith, was one of LC’s friends in the first season of Laguna Beach.) The entire line is seriously adorable. From the striped one-pieces (I want one!) and itty-bitty bikinis for girls to the rash guards and board shorts for boys, everything in this line is fresh, fun, and perfect for the beach days ahead. Whether you have kids or not, the look book is definitely worth a peek.

minnow swim minnow swimminnow

Photography by Rachel Thurston

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