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mi golondrina

This past weekend I took a quick (as in 36-hours-quick) trip to Mexico to attend a friend’s wedding. Traveling all that way for such a short amount of time can be a bit hectic but I’ll tell you one thing: it sure does makes packing super easy. A little fact about me: I’ll admit that I’m what you might call an “anxious packer.” Figuring out what to take (and what not to take…) on trips has never been an easy task for me. I feel the need to try on each and every thing before deciding whether to pack it which means that clothes end up everywhere (my husband and I refer to these times as “clothes attacks”). It’s silly, I know. But for whatever reason, that’s just how it goes for me.

That was not the case this time. When your trip time is 36 hours (six of which are spent actually traveling to and from the destination), that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for outfit changes – especially when there’s a wedding involved. Here’s another thing that made my packing a cinch: my Mi Golondrina top. A weekend in Mexico pretty much requires Mi Golondrina. It was the first thing that went into my suitcase and the first thing I pulled out when I got there. After all my Instagrams, surely by now you all are aware of how much I adore this line. Designed by my adorable friend Cristina, each piece is hand-embroidered in a Oaxacan village. It’s not just tops, either. The collection includes dresses, pajamas and bedding. She’s even added baby dresses to the mix. (How adorable is this?) The materials keep getting better and the bright color combos are always irresistible.

I’m relishing these last few days where I’ll be able to dress in easy-breezy summer wares like this. The sandals will certainly need to be retired for the fall (though I’ve really gotten my wear out of them, wouldn’t you say?), and I’ll switch to a darker-wash denim. But the Mi Golondrina top (paired with jeans and my favorite booties) should be able to hold its own – at least for a little while, before it gets too chilly.

mi golondrina top mi golondrina topyellow celine tote mi golondrina top mi golondrina shirt detail mi golondrina top

Get the look:

Photos by Molly Miller


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