culture   //   April 13, 2016



MERI MERI “Yay” Birthday Candles

Since we’re on the subject of parties this week, let me tell you about another one of my festive favorites: Meri Meri. When I need party supplies, they’re my first stop. The name pretty much sums it up: everything about this company is merry. And when we’re talking about parties, that’s kind of the whole point, right?

I first came across Meri Meri last year when I was shopping for some fun party decorations for an all-girls holiday dinner (their glitter antlers were a total hit), and I’ve since returned to them for every party since. They have everything – confetti balloonsgarlandscupcake kits (I used these for Valentine’s Day), shiny straws, you name it. And their candles! How cute are those? I’m obsessed with the the “Yay” ones, and I keep a drawer full of the sparkly ones, too.

But wait. It gets better. This spring, they’ve added pineapples to the mix. How adorable are these party picks? And you can bet I ordered more than my fair share of these pineapple plates. You never know when you might need those, right?

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