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One of the best additions to Pinterest is the “You’ve Already Pinned This!” reminder.  If it weren’t for that little pop-up message, I’d be re-pinning the same things over and over again. (I think your memory must become a little foggy when you spend the amount of time on Pinterest that I do.) This would certainly be the case with any image of a room designed by Melissa Miles Rufty. After trying to re-pin an of the same peacock-blue library for the fourth time, I decided it was time to do a little research on it. That’s how I came across Ms. Rufty. I took a look through her portfolio and realized that so many of my favorite Home pins have come from her projects. It turns out that I’ve been a fan of Rufty’s for quite some time without even knowing it.

The New Orleans-based interior designer has really mastered her aesthetic – one that mixes different eras and styles, and that is bold without feeling overbearing.  Here’s one thing I definitely know about Rufty: she isn’t afraid of color. This designer is fearless when it comes to color. Take one look at any of her projects and you’ll see that. There’s something about the vibrant hues combined with the various textures and prints (cheetahs! toile! ikats!) that make me literally want to jump into one of her rooms. While my own decorating style tends to lean more modern, I’m inspired to layer things up a little more à la Rufty.  I love the way she adds in so many traditional touches. There’s a sense of history to her rooms, a feeling that they’re really lived-in and, most importantly, well-loved.

mmr interiors 22 Untitled-2mmr 12-Library-H Images via MMR Interiors and Domaine

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