outfits   //   February 14, 2018


embroidered denim jacket

GRLFRND Denim Jacket

It’s no secret that I love to monogram my things. I’ve been known to add my initials to everything from t-shirts to dinner napkins. It’s my way of adding a personal touch to my things – so personal, in fact, that a lot of the time I’m the only one who even knows it’s there. A lot of my monograms are in can’t-miss spots like a chest pocket or on the waistband of my jeans, yes, but a lot of them are hidden, too. I love to add embroidery in not-so-obvious places like the inside of a shirt cuff or, as you can see here, underneath the collar of my denim jacket. Nobody else may ever see it but that’s never been the point. Personalizing things is exactly that: a way to make it personal. It’s something I do for me. It’s the kind of little detail that turns even the most ordinary basic into something really special.

Consider adding your own hidden stamp to closet classics like a button-down shirt, a striped tee, or the interior of your favorite jacket. Fun fact for those local to Dallas: TTH in Highland Park Village will add embroidery to any of the denim or Kule t-shirts. You can also ask your tailor. Most tailors can easily do this. Just ask!

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