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m. gemi brezza


As much time as I spend on the internet (way. too. much.), you’d think I’d have known about a treasure like M. Gemi. Well, I didn’t. But I’m glad I do now because I can already tell it’s going to be one of my new favorite shops. Everyone knows that some of the very best shoes (Manolo Blahnik, Tod’s, Ferragamo, to name a few) are made in Italy. The leather artisans there are incredible and the quality is outstanding. The problem is that you often can’t score a pair for under $500. With M. Gemi, you can. Here’s the deal: M. Gemi offers beautiful, handmade Italian shoes at a fraction of the price. Take a peek at this pair, for example. Look familiar? They’re everything you love about this classic pair of Tod’s. The only difference is the price tag (the Tod’s are more than double). All of M. Gemi’s materials are sourced directly from Italy so quality is never compromised, and they make all of their shoes using ‘formas‘ so the fit is consistent from shoe-to-shoe. In other words: once you find your size, you can count on it being the same in any of the M. Gemi styles. They also have this helpful “Fit Finder” tool that’s worth checking out before you buy a pair.

The good news is that M. Gemi comes out with new designs (I love this pair) every single week. The bad news is that the shoes are made in smaller quantities (that’s how you can ensure better quality) so they sell out quickly. That’s the only reason that these are not already in my closet. I’m obsessed. I have my fingers crossed that the waiting list will come through for me. Other pairs I’m loving? The Felize, The Cameo, and the Premio. Take a look through their site. I bet you’ll find a pair (or three) that you love, too.

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