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LUCY TOTEL.L. Bean Small Boat & Tote

There are so many things about this blog that continue to surprise me. The latest of these surprises is how many e-mails I have received asking questions about about our new pup Lucy: “What kind of dog is she?” “What treats does she like?” “Where is the leash from?” All of these and more have been asked. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by these questions as I can imagine that many of you have dogs of your own. What I really love about these kinds of emails (keep ’em coming!) is that they’ve inspired a post. Here’s a little insight into some of Lucy’s favorite things (and mine, too):

Toys: Lucy loves her toys. What girl doesn’t? What’s funny is that I thought she would be totally indiscriminate about which toys she liked. I assumed she would like them all. I was wrong. She’s picky and she definitely likes some more than others. Her very favorite thing has been this fleece bone-shaped toy. We call it her pillow because she won’t sleep without it. Other toys of choice have included this roller ball (it entertains her for hours which is really awesome for me), these rope tugs, and these rubber bones. Her current favorite (Lucy can be a bit fickle when it comes to her toys) is this tequila worm. Just like her mom, she loves tequila. (And shoes.)

Bedding: She has two beds. This is the one she sleeps on inside her kennel. It’s great for several reasons: it can be easily thrown in the washer and dryer, it’s lightweight, and it’s easy to pack it in her bag when she sleeps over at my sister’s. I also had a Harry Barker one personalized with her name. This bed is much larger and more for lounging. Not to mention, it’s a lot cuter.

Leash: I’ve received numerous questions about where the hot pink leash is from. Unfortunately, that’s one we picked up at the breeder. I have looked online and can’t seem to find it anywhere else. I’m also thinking about getting a different one that might be more helpful in teaching Lucy to walk on a leash – which has been surprisingly challenging. She either doesn’t budge or it takes her 30 minutes to walk five feet. Did anyone else have this issue with their puppy?

Collar: This one. Hot pink and it has pineapples. What more could you want? (Wag has this one and so many other cute designs, too!)

Food: It’s amazing to me that Lucy actually knows what I mean when I say the words, “Dinner time!” She totally freaks out. She gets so excited and starts running in circles. (She sometimes doesn’t know her own name but definitely knows what I mean when it comes to food.) We feed her this food twice-a-day. These stainless steel dog bowls have been really great (I have one of these on order) and we also use this container has been excellent for food storage.

Treats: When it comes to teaching Lucy those basic commands (sit, stay, lay down), treats are the way. That’s what has worked for me. I rely on these treats because they’re very small which means I can give her more than one. This is crucial because teaching things like sit and stay takes a lot of repetition. The peanut butter and the roasted chicken are two of her favorite flavors.

Another note: Lucy is in a major chewing phase. The vet says it’s because she’s teething. She likes to chew on everything – including our freshly-painted wall trim. This product has been a God-send for that. If you have a puppy who’s doing the same thing, I highly recommend it.

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