Series   //   June 9, 2017


Consider this place at the top of my vacation wish list.

I’m currently addicted to this blueberry smoothie. So simple and so good.

Why it’s so hard to admit you’re wrong.

I love this little peek at the inspiration of one of my favorite summer shoe collections. (These slides though.)

This pink bathroom is gorgeous.

The top misspelled words in every state.

Things I ordered this week: this, this ($150!), and these.

Really love this one-piece swimsuit.

This top would be so cute on the Fourth. (Same goes for the dress version.)

Also… this bikini.

I’ve been wearing this LWD all week long.

This sale though.

$50 favorite.

Well, these are just kind of adorable.

Cute suit for the Fourth of July.

UNDER $100: this, this, this, thisthis, and these.

UNDER $50: this, this, this, and these.

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