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Jacket (old but similar here) // VINCE Tee // L’AGENCE Jeans // PRADA Tote // NIKE Sneakers

After receiving such positive feedback (thank you!) from this post, I’ve decided to start doing posts like that more often. From books I’m reading to things I’m baking and everything in between, here’s a peek at what’s happening around here lately:

1. I watched the Oscars. The whole thing – from the red carpet to the very last award. I’m proud to say that I actually managed to see a lot of the movies this year – including five of the eight nominated for Best Picture – so I actually felt like I had an educated opinion. I was so glad to see Best Actress go to Brie Larson (Room gave me nightmares for two days!), and though The Big Short was my person pick for Best Picture, I thought Spotlight was equally deserving of the award. As for the red carpet, so many highs and (very low) lows. My vote for best dressed was Cate Blanchett. She knocked it out of the park with that one. I also loved Margot Robbie in gold and thanks to Olivia Munn, I now want a dress that perfectly matches my lipstick. My not-so-favorites? Brie Larson and Saoirse Ronan (she definitely should have worn her hair up). I was really underwhelmed with their choices.

2. I bought the Ovenly cookbook. How have I not heard about this Brooklyn bakery before? Every recipe – from simple muffins to a scrumptious-looking hot tart (their version of an adult Pop Tart) – appears delicious. What I really love about this place is that they seem to get my affection for salty-sweet things – namely, cookies. After reading so many rave reviews about their peanut butter cookies, I decided that would be the first recipe I would tackle. Let me be the one to tell you: these cookies are no joke – soft, but crispy in the all the right spots. They’re made from just five ingredients and are nothing short of amazing. Note: do not omit the sea salt flake on top. They’re the crown jewels to this cookie, in my opinion. If you’re a peanut butter lover, I strongly recommend that you give these a try.

3. We decided that we might be ready for a second dog. We’ve had Lucy for a little over a year now. She’s become such an important part of our lives, making our days happier and full of laughs. She’s an important member of our family. However, I definitely haven’t forgotten how much work that puppy stage is (Lucy had an uncanny ability to select my favorite pairs of shoes and go to work on them) and even at a year-old, she still requires quite a bit of time and attention. Needless to say, I have mixed feelings about adding second dog to our clan. I do think it would be beneficial for Lucy to have a playmate (not to mention, I would feel less guilty when I have to leave her at home alone for extended periods of time), but is now the right time or should we wait? For those of you that have thoughts/advice on this, please share.

4. I found my new favorite bikini bottoms. I love Marysia Swim’s bikinis (those pretty scallops are hard to resist) but I’ve noticed that the bottoms are just so teeny-tiny – as in, not enough coverage in the seat area, at least for my liking. I was really excited to see this new boy-cut style pop up and ordered it immediately. It still has those cute little scallops, but my bottom feels slightly more covered-up. (I liked the style so much that I went ahead and ordered it in blue, too.)

5. I started this book. After reading a historical-fiction and a memoir, I decided it was time for something a tad lighter. I think it’s good to balance out the serious reads with something fluffy.

6. While we’re on the subject of fluffy, I should probably tell you all that I started Pretty Little Liars. Should I be embarrassed about that? I was in the mood for a high school drama, something along the lines of Dawson’s Creek and, my all-time favorite, Beverly Hills 90210 (the original!). My sister suggested Pretty Little Liars and after rolling my eyes several times, I pressed play. While it’s nowhere near as good as DC or 90210 (nothing ever is) and it’s certainly one of the silliest shows I’ve ever watched, I do have to admit that I’m entertained (read: totally addicted). I mean the show is on its sixth season so clearly I’m not the only one with this guilty pleasure.

7. I bought a raincoat. There was one day last week where it rained for pretty much 24 hours straight which, naturally, made me wonder why on earth I don’t own a good rain coat. Sure, I have this trench coat but I’m talking about a solid water-resistant rain coat with a hood (that’s key). So I bought not one, but two: this Gap one (it’s the color of a tennis ball and I love it) for when I’m feeling sporty and this one for something just a touch dressier. Of course, the forecast shows no signs of rain now but when it does, I’ll be ready.

Photo by Molly Miller

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