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modern vintage top


WEAR. SLEEP. REPEAT. … When I really love something in my closet, I’ll go through these phases where it’s all I want to wear. Right now, that thing is this ruffled top. I wear it all.the.time. I own it in two colors (light blue check and navy gingham) and I’m tempted to buy it in a third. (It’s under $100!) It’s been such a good summer staple, and I’m thinking I’ll keep it around for awhile. For fall, I’m planning on pairing it with these high-waisted pants and this J.Crew pencil skirt.

GRANNY SHOES… My husband calls these shoes my “old lady shoes.” He’s totally right. They do have a “granny” vibe about them. I might even call them frumpy. But you know what? I absolutely love them. These “old-lady” shoes all the sudden look totally fresh to me – not to mention, they’re easily the most comfortable heel I own right now. Bonus? They’re under $150! I started with the beige pair and have since bought two more pairs: the red suede and the nude patent leather. I love the way the look with my crop-flare denim. “Old lady” shoes have never looked better!

THE BEST $10 I SPENT LAST WEEK… When was the last time you visited CB2? If it’s been awhile then I recommend heading over there for a looksy. Last week, I was browsing around for some new vases to use as a centerpiece and landed on these lovelies from CB2. They’re $10 and totally perfect. I’ve always loved CB2. (This folding table is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. It used to be a side table in my old apartment but now works equally as well as a TV tray for Sunday night dinners on the couch.) For some reason, though, it’s one of those websites that I always tend to forget about. These little vases were a good reminder.

RE-WATCHING… I just finished re-watching the entire series of Grey’s Anatomy (the original cast was so good!) from the very beginning. It got me thinking about reruns. What is it about them that I love so much? While there are certain shows that I’d really prefer not to re-watch (reality TV is way better in-the-moment), there are other shows (Beverly Hills 90210, obvs) that I could watch over and over again and never get tired of. I’ve re-watched Dawson’s Creek (Joey + Pacey, people!) a couple of times, and I swear there are certain episodes of Friends that I’ve seen so many times that I could probably recite the script. There’s something comfortable about re-watching a show you love – and sometimes they’re even better the second (or third) time around. What shows do you re-watch? I’d love to know.

NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES… Even though I’m no longer a student, the beginning of a new school year will always give me feelings of a fresh start. I’ve had this urge to do a major clean out and organize everything in my house. It’s my desk that needs the most attention. While the desktop itself looks very neat and tidy, the drawers are a totally different story. I’ve been piling stuff in them for months, telling myself that I would organize it later. (It sort of reminds of when my parents used to tell me to clean my room and I would just shove everything underneath my bed and call it a day.) Later is now. I spent some time at Container Store the other day and raided the Poppin section. I bought a couple of sets of these trays (love their new neon stuff!) along with this file sorter. I also invested in a lot of these because my magazine hoarding is a little out of control. Now that I have the necessary supplies, I feel a little more motivated to get this project started.

I’M NEVER TRAVELING WITHOUT THIS… Yesterday, I gave you all a look at what I packed for my trip to Europe earlier this month. However, I left out the most important thing: this steamer. Seriously. How did I ever travel without one of these little things? It totally saved me when I pulled out my dress for the wedding only to find that it was a mess of wrinkles. No matter how you pack (are you a folder or a roller?), clothes get wrinkled. This thing is magic.

CURRENTLY READING… I’m still working my way through my summer reading list. I finished Truly Madly Guilty a couple of weeks ago. I hate to say it but I was a little disappointed. I have loved all of Liane Moriarty’s other books (Big Little Lies was my favorite) but this one just didn’t do it for me. Has anyone else read it and had similar feelings? I’ve since moved on to Girls in White Dresses. It’s an oldie that I just somehow missed. So far, so good. Once I finish that one, I’m going to start The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington.

BEAUTY SLEEP… Whenever we start to transition from one season to another, my skin starts to get extra dry. I’m getting ahead of it this time and giving my face all the hydration it can handle. The one thing I’m really into this mask from Estée Lauder. This is the first Estée Lauder product I’ve used in forever and I love it. It’s an overnight mask so I just sleep with it on. I apply it a couple of times a week in place of my moisturizer. My skin drinks this stuff up while I’m sleeping. When I wake up, my skin is soothed and feels extra soft.

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